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Our Process

At London Construction our core values of Honesty, Integrity & Quality aren't anything new, we didn't reinvent the wheel.... we just believe that in this fast paced world  there is room for both old school core values and state of the art construction techniques.  You will benefit from our experience but most importantly, we emphasize respect for you, your family and your living space.

We work closely with all of our customers to design, build and deliver your dream project on time and on your budget.

Growing  up within a family of stone masons, ornamental & restorative plasterers electricians and finish carpenters, construction is "in my blood".

Chris "London" Tomlin, Owner

London Construction Design

1. Design & Consultancy 

With over 30 years  of engineering and construction experience, London Construction is leading the field in creating innovative solutions for all your home renovation needs.

Construction can be a complicated process, we will work with you at every stage from the design & planning right down to the finishing touches.


On every project we undertake there will be numerous opportunities to save you money, make significant improvements and construct something overwhelmingly fantastic.  

London Construction Materials

2. Materials

Choosing the right materials for your construction project can be a challenge, one that can make or break the whole project.


Nothing can cause commotion and frustration among architects, engineers and clients like a good debate about the rising cost of good quality materials.

Our Project Managers will work with you to ensure that only the best quality materials are chosen that are right for your project  and for your budget.

London Construction Installation

3. Installation

Our focus is entirely on client satisfaction and delivering a project  that addresses every need for the modern families lifestyle.


We have developed strong relationships within  the communities that we operate in  and have a proven track record of  excellence with regards to our reputation in the eyes of town inspectors and building officials.

With the necessary building permits it's time to translate your design into reality.


On time.  On Budget.

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